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Data and Content Management



Data and Content Management

Data Management:
HCL Systems Data Management solutions are recognized as the gold standard for providing a “single point of truth” concerning enterprise IT assets. HCL Systems enterprise-wide and application-specific repositories address the challenges of data governance, agile decision-making, business processes and services development. The Metadata Management portfolio offers the ability to comprehensively gather and manage data from all enterprise information assets.

HCL Systems solutions can also present role-based views to users across the organization and deliver the greatest return on information assets.

HCL Systems Data Management solutions preserve the integrity of knowledge assets and promote software component and object reuse.

Content Management:
HCL Systems Content Management solutions enable any enterprise to completely control the access and distribution of information throughout the organization. A common architecture allows information to flow seamlessly among disparate information technologies. This unique capability gives users at the strategic, management and operations levels access to information as needed, without limitations imposed by multiple platforms, operating systems, file systems, applications and devices.

HCL Systems Content Management solutions enable users of all skill levels to quickly and easily access, manage and own essential business information and identify important trends taking place in your organization. Both structured and unstructured data can be accessed from virtually any data source across multiple systems (mainframe, distributed and Web-based) and brought directly to your desktop for timely query, reporting, analysis and distribution. As part of HCL Systems Total Information Ownership (TIO) offering, HCL Systems Content Management solutions provide users with access to the correct information as needed to help facilitate intelligent business decisions.